Aarti Zaveri

Aarrti Zaveri is a multi-disciplinary visual artist . Her diversified works of art often derive from
the study of change in the topography as a result of rapid growth and modernization and reflect the
impact of urbanization on our ecology. Overtime her artwork has been increasingly reflective and
representation of what she perceives and feels while exploring various places, situations and meeting
different people. The role of basic elements of Life and human interaction with them have given her
the strength to portray the obvious but with renewed aesthetic sensibilities. Her works have been
instrumental in germinating a conceptual process in her way of thinking and practice of her artistic

Her work ranges across various media and disciplines encompassing diverse art practices which include
Paintings, Site specific works and Installations across different parts of the World, Films,
Photography and Artist Talks.

She is recognised for her art installations that create immersive empirical experiences which makes
the audience to reflect with a new insight. Her projects intend to involve the society at large
through installations in public spaces, public art lessons and discussions, bringing to attention the
concerns about environmental degradation, sustainability, and global warming.

Winner of Seychelles Biennale 2017, Aarrti is associated with “Global Nomadic Art Project” in
collaboration with YATOO; a Korean art organization. She is also an active member of the Artist in
Nature International Network (AININ). She completed a Senior Fellowship Research Project from
Government of India.

Forms of art: Installation Art, Visual Art, VIdeo Art
Country: India - Country of origin: India - - Website - Facebook - Instagram

Layers of Earth
The core of Earth
The Cry Of River
The Flow of River
The Web of Life Installation