Rare Bird


The larger-than-life (10 meters x 6,5 meters) mural invites passersby to imagine the impossible; one of the enormous boulders on the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany taking off into flight. The light, suggestive quality of the drawing (produced to be erased) contrasts with the heavy, timeless nature of the site, itself. The title references the wonder of the location as well as the need to protect endangered species in the local environment.

The site-specific project was designed in response to the physical and sensory qualities of the Coz-Pors Beach in Trégastel and produced for the Festival de l’Estran in 2018. The temporary piece uses ecological, plant-based based pigments that are non-toxic to the fragile marine environment. It was painted with the help of a local rock-climbing club using a vector-based drawing on stencil attached to the rock formation and prepared by the artist.