À Ciel Ouvert - Parcours d’art contemporain is set up every two years along the Le Renaison river in Riorges (Loire, France) in a vast protected natural area classified as a "Remarkable Heritage Site". At each edition, the public can discover 9 new in-situ installations.
Organized by the Cultural Department of the city of Riorges, this event’s main objective is to make art accessible to all, through a lively and contemporary expression that challenges our human and natural heritage. It is also a way to encourage artistic creation in the Roannais and to strengthen the development of culture and tourism in our region.
At each edition, the installations invite a new sensitive experience of reading a daily landscape.

Country: FR France - Localisation: Riorges, Loire, France - Email: - Website - Facebook

Les Jardins de Perséphone - Olivier Toulemonde - 2020
Echec avéré de la mission - Roland Cros - 2018
Les Enfants Sauvages - Lika Guillemot et Ludovic de Valon - 2022
Marqué - Jarek Lustych - 2016
Bulle BR 4003 - Anna Mano - 2014
Obscura Humanitas - Erwan Sito - 2018